the biggest schools reunion 

Get In Touch.

With the 2019 Schools Reunion USA committee if you have any questions for us that has not already been answered in the FAQ’s.

National Schools Reunion Coordinating Office

4600 Powder Mill Road, Belstville Maryland, 20705, USA



Registration Enquiries

For all registration questions, please go this page or call the secretariat on (202) 870 5700


Sponsorship Enquiries

All Sales and Sponsorship for the 2019 Schools Reunion is managed by Orange3 Media. (202) 870 5700


Other Enquiries

For all other enquiries about this years Schools Reunion, please visit the committee at address below

4600 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD 20705 


How Do I Register To Sell My Products at the Reunion

The 2019 Schools Reunion allows you to register as an individual, a group or as a business to market your products. Just fill out the registration form on the sponsorship page below and one of our event coordinators will get in touch if we have questions. Registration is free. Entry to the event is free! Come ready to have fun!!


How Much Is Sponsorship

The benefits of being a sponsor at the National Schools Reunion goes beyond the event. Sponsors get mentions and credit on all pre-event publicity, interviews, debates and media campaigns for several months.

You get to brand the location and get exclusive interviews on your product lines. We also promote your brand on our radio & TV stations and digital platforms for a whole month after the reunion. Build goodwill for your brand. Please contact us here and an event coordinator will contact you. 

Can I bring My Kids?

The National Schools Runion is an all day event. It is also a family day out kind of event so fans and supporters who want to come and cheer their teams are welcome to come for free. At 4PM EST we expcect to watch LIVE MUSIC CONCERT by top Afrobeats and Reggae artists on our bug stage. There will be a Kids Zone that will be open from 11 am to 4pm after which time parent willhave to pick up thier kids. 


How Much Is The Gate Fee

Entrance into the stadium where the The Schools Reunion will beheld is completely free! Howver there will be some activities that will require you to pay a fee. We will update this page with tha info as and when we have it. If you are not sure, call us on (202) 870 5700

What about security for me and my family?

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland takes the issues of security at events very seriously. We are therefore going to work with the police and a private security firm to ensure that everyone has a great time at this event. See It, Tell it.

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