Sponsor The National Schools Reunion USA 2019

Every year, thousands of graduates from high schools, colleges and professional institutions come together at Alumni Events. For most people, it’s the fun of seeing old friends and reliving those wonderful moments from school; for others, these gatherings offer an opportunity to network, market a product or even rekindle old relationships.

Whichever way you look at it, school reunions have come to stay and will be patronized for years to come by thousands of young executives with growing incomes and influence in high places. The 2019 National Schools Reunion Sponsorship Packages were created to allow businesses to maximize the exposure such events provide. There are four (4) main areas of sponsorship. 

The Biggest Schools Reunion in the USA

There are year group meetings. And then there is the biggest and most organized National Schools Reunion gathering on this side of the globe, organized by an experienced group of committee members. The team has years of experience organizing similar events and will bring in the numbers so you can market your products and grow your client base. It’s a huge opportunity for businesses.

The Most Patronized Reunion Event

The benefits of being a sponsor at the National Schools Reunion goes beyond the event. Sponsors get mentions and credit on all pre-event publicity, interviews, debates and media campaigns for several months.

You get to brand the location and get exclusive interviews on your product lines. We also promote your brand on our radio & TV stations and digital platforms for a whole month after the reunion. Build goodwill for your brand.

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